Fricktured Friday

Today was just one of those busy days, a day filled with fairly repetitive and mundane work. Running here, running there. Dropping this off, picking that up. A day filled with a lot of time consuming tasks that don’t require any real amount of thinking.

I’ve read about how if you have a problem and do small mundane tasks that stop your mind from fixating on that problem, and allowing it to just go to the back burner of your mind you can have a potential breakthrough.

Today, I had a breakthrough of my own. For a story I’ve been trying to write for some time now. It just struck me what I had been doing wrong and how I could connect all the pieces of the puzzle… It was an extremely satisfying moment among today’s relative monotony.

I know that the story element I thought of today will bring the whole thing together in a way I had not imagined possible, but it’s the actual writing it in, and implementing it properly, that’s going to be a challenge. A challenge I look forward too!

I’m adding some older pictures to today’s post. I want to recreate one of them right now, and probably all of them eventually. These are some of the first pieces I made with the markers I use now. I wouldn’t be drawing the way I do now had it not been for these.

If you got a favourite let me know! 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone,


Bret Frick.

Published originally October 14th 2017.



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