Fricktured Friday.

Fricktured Friday



Freedom of speech, it’s something many people have, but not everyone. And many more people on the planet are not free to speak their mind, than are free too. Repressive, authoritarian governments or ideologies are usually to blame.


But.... It’s becoming more and more common, even in “free” societies for people to actively censor themselves, Rather than deal with the possible repercussions by saying what they really think. And that’s the scariest censorship of all.


Cause you just never know when criticism could be against the law, and who wants to risk it?!..... Unreal.


China is a country that LOVES censoring it's citizens. Facebook, and Instagram are banned in the country, outright, to name just a prominent few. And Facebook is even working in tandem with the Chinese government which makes the whole thing that much more disturbing...


Not only do they know about the censorship going on there, they are actively engaging in it themselves. They comply with the Chinese laws, so the government will allow them to do business in that country.


There are many examples all over of them doing exactly this, and it’s extremely disturbing to me. Why? Because I’m an artist. Freedom of speech and expression are ESSENTIAL for me to do what I do...


I may say stupid, offensive things from time to time, but it’s the only way I come up with new ideas. By exploring unknown territory, and sometimes, people mess up.


But they shouldn’t be censored so they NEVER mess up. So they just do as they are told, we are human beings, not robots. And frankly, I’m sick of being told what to do by governments who don’t give a shit about the people they govern, only about their power and influence. Aren’t you?


“In order to be able to think, you have to be able to be offensive.” And if people aren’t free to say what they really think, get ideas out there and talk about them with someone, how will we ever be able to advance ourselves?


There has been a Orwellian amount of censorship going on on YouTube this week. With several channels being totally deleted and others being locked out of their accounts so they are unable to post, or edit any videos... And all these people are doing is talking about politics from the other side of the spectrum. It’s becoming more and more evident by the day, that thinking for yourself is NOT ALLOWED! :P


Let’s hope, and work really hard to make sure the authoritarian hell scape that is China never leaves that continent.


Here’s a piece I started last night and put some more work into today... Cause why bother finishing one of the three hundred other projects I got on the go? :P


Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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