Fricktured Friday.

Fricktured Friday.


There’s stupid. And then there’s internet level stupid.....For some reason two pretty moronic trends have taken hold of quite a few people. Those two trends? Biting a tide pod (poison) and drinking “Raw” unfiltered water.... Cause I guess diseases are fun!


You’d think it would be bad enough that people are drinking unfiltered water, but just to add insult to injury, they are paying up to 33$ a liter for the stuff! Stupidity knows no bounds.


Unfiltered water consumption can lead to all sorts of diseases. Beaver fever and extreme diarrhea are common side effects of hikers drinking unfiltered, or improperly treated water. This happens, frequently....So why do people with access to fresh, clean, FILTERED water. Chose to drink dirty, potentially life threatening water? Sheer stupidity. It’s the only possible answer.


Raw water = healthy water. Knowledge be damned! Who cares about the poop particles in it!....


Now, the tide pod “challenge” is probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard about in my life.


For some reason, it has become “cool” ti try and bite a tide pod without actually biting into it, but inevitably, accidents happen.? And of course some people bite a little harder than others. Which led to them getting a little more than they bargained for with their tide pod “challenge”. They got to ingest some chemicals as well.


Some people have done serious damage to their bodies by biting into these things and getting chemicals in their bodies.


After numerous warning from the tide company and many others. People are still putting these thing s in their mouths in what could be the dumbest “challenge” ever made...


Writing about the dumbest people alive, seems like a good way to end the week, no? :P


Happy Friday Everyone. Have a good Weekend.


Here’s a little something to look at.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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