Fricktured Friday

Fricktured Friday


For quite some time I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend going on in Canadian society and increasingly in our educational systems here in Canada as well..... The victim hood/ oppressor mentality of people is really starting run a muck.


Today, Teresa Downs, The superintendent of the gold trail school division, Released a poster that read... VERBATIM!


“I have unfairly benefited from the color of my skin. White privilege is not acceptable”...


Okay, Teresa, just a FEW problems with this... One, how have all white people benefited just from being white exactly? Two... How is this not outright racism?


I thought the goal of “equal” society was to judge people by their actions, not their skin color? Or did MLK have a different dream I didn’t read about.


This type of nonsense needs to be brought up more and discussed. Especially since, I was at the university yesterday and heard a speech by feminist Angela Davies, where she was espousing these exact same ideas, and then some.


She said we needed a “Communist, socialist society” which told me, she’d never heard of WWII. Or read a book about it. Cause those two ideologies fought to the death and loathed each other, so I’m not sure how she views them as compatible. Or why either of them are a preferable way to govern society..


The Nazi regime was ridiculous short lived, Stalin’s Russia collapsed, Mao’s China was a bloodbath and is now a horrible dictatorship under president Xi. Current day Venezuela is a country in total disarray. With people being forced to sift through trash to find food, and some so hungry they’ve begun to eat their pets! HOORAY! Socialism/ Communism! HOORAY!


I don’t understand how people are so DUMB! It’s infuriating, especially since I’m now being told that life is easy because of the color of my skin, and I should stand aside for other people of different races, different genders, or different sexualities, simply because I’m white. SCREW competence! Screw working hard!


Your just a vile oppressor! Stay in your lane..


Something needs to be done... Cause this dividing people into groups based on their skin color and gender is not going to lead to anywhere good... And if people are openly calling for communist revolution, they either don’t know about the 100 million people it’s killed, or they simply don’t care, which is even worse.


I’m going to put a picture of a poster from the University here, so you can get some idea of just how... “sensitive” and ridiculous people have become. And Of course some artwork.


Here’s a piece I’ve started and am currently working on, I’m liking the way’s it’s coming along so far.


Happy Friday Everyone, Enjoy the weekend, make the best of it. Cause you never know when a communist is going to come and “Collectivize” Your stuff apparently... ZEIG HEIL! :P


Sincerely, Bret Frick.




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