Fricktured Friday

Fricktured Friday


Art and comedy, they are subjective to say the least. What one person enjoys looking at or finds humorous, another person might find the same pieces and performances to be vulgar and offensive. That is why when it comes to artwork, people must be free to create whatever they want. No matter how OFFENSIVE someone might perceive it to be.


China, my favorite communist dictatorship has announced that TV parodies are no longer allowed! They want to crack down on content that goes against the countries “Socialist core values” of the Xi presidency.. Which basically just means anything the government doesn’t agree with.


They apparently don’t think any satirical content should be available to the public at all! They want state run Television and Internet so they can control the flow of information to the public. That’s never good….


A group of satirical bloggers in China is already towing the party lines and has released a statement..JustXiait, the team of Chinese parody bloggers made famous by satirical dubbed-over videos from movies, said that they would voluntarily delete all videos "to conduct self-inspection, cleanup and improvement".


The decision is "to make the program more in line with relevant laws and regulations, and to provide audience more interesting and wholesome programs", it said.


Which basically is just them saying, “We get it, these are the laws now,regardless of what we enjoy making or what the public wants to see…. we’ve rolled over and will comply!”


This is just so disturbing to me… Artists should never be censored! And if they are, you are living under a dictatorship….


This whole China situation is so god damn disturbing. They’ve basically made it so you can’t question the state. Given the fact that my government has been friendly with China many times, an does regular business with them. I’m really hoping my government doesn’t get any funny ideas…..



Another week over! Here’s a little piece I polished off this week, hope you like it. Happy Friday everybody. Have a great weekend!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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