Fricktured Friday.

Fricktured Friday


What would it be like to inherit a dictatorship? What would most people feel obligated to do if their father, and grandfather, had been maniacal despots, focused first, and foremost, on their regimes survival?


You’d think anyone who was raised in an environment like that would be anything but a man seeking peace... But, given what’s happened this week with North Korea’s leader, you could be wrong.


This week for the first time since before the war broke out all the way back in the 1950’s! The South Korean leader and the North Korean leader met, on southern soil, and shook hands, in a diplomatic move that has stunned the world.


Not long ago, The North was threatening the world with it’s “nuclear” arsenal. Shooting rockets into the ocean directly off the coast of Japan, startling the world. Not only was the North Korean rocket program further along than previously thought. Kim, didn’t seem to have any problems using them.


This sent the region in to a state of panic. Many countries, including China (North Korea’s largest trading partner) imposed sanctions on the nation. And caused Donald Trump to dub Kim, Little rocket man.


But now, for whatever reason. Kim is seeking peace. In a literal historic move, the leader of the North Korean regime, has met with the leader of the South, on southern soil, something not done since the 1950’s. Things appear to finally be moving in the direction of peace.


Kim is said to have stated to the Southern leader, Moon Jae-in, at the beginning of their meeting that he didn’t understand “why it took so long” for the two to meet like this...



Just an absolute crazy day in world politics, hopefully this means there will be some modicum of peace to come out of these talks. Cause I think everyone, including the dictator of the North, shockingly enough, is sick of living in a world with a perpetual Korean cold war.


It’s really incredible that this happened. And it’s very likely to lead to a good outcome, so stay positive people! ANYTHING can happen. :P


Here’s a small piece I finished up today. Enjoy! Hope you had a great week everyone. Now go enjoy the weekend! :)


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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