Fricktured Friday

So I Just want to share a little bit of news on what I’ve got coming up in the next little while here, what my plans are and how they’ve slightly changed. This week I got some good news, there is an art venue that has openings in a city that’s not far from me, and I’ve been invited to it.


I’m really happy about this, I need to get prints together now, and work on some originals that I can take, before I go to this show and before I head west.


This particular show is on June 10th .... 5 days before I get the keys to my place in B.C. So this is going to be cutting it close to say the least. But I must take advantage of all the art venues available to me. I’m optimistic about this show and am going to do every thing in my power to make it as successful as possible.


There is some bad news to pepper this however... Regarding my KickStarter, Yes, it’s done. But I’m not going to be taking it live, well, at least not today. And there’s a very simple reason as to why that is.


I can’t. My account information is under “Review”... and that can take upwards of three business days. So Strap in, this should finally be done by Monday!...


In the meantime, Here’s a piece of art, that I’ve started and I’ve got to say the way it’s looking so far...Got any thoughts? Think it’s looking as sexy as I do? :P Let me know.


Happy Friday everyone, Have a great weekend. See you Monday.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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