Fricktured Friday

Fricktured Friday


Robots are advancing at an absolutely staggering rate. It was recently revealed that Boston Dynamics humanoid looking robot called ‘Atlas’, is now capable of jogging. But not only jogging, no, no, NO! That would be to pedestrian for this robot. Atlas can also jump over objects, reacting to it’s environment in real time, without falling over.


I mean, what could POSSIBLY go wrong with upgrading robots to the point where they can essentially engage in foot pursuits and avoid objects being thrown at them. I don’t see this ending badly, AT ALL!...


I’m simultaneously intrigued by the fact that people can make “objects” function almost like human beings, and terrified that they are making these devices at the same time. Cause as cool as these robots are.... I just keep wondering.....


How long until their “Artificial” intelligence gets good enough that they begin to question our intelligence and fight us? I mean, if we’re comfortable fighting and killing each other. Why wouldn’t a robot with advanced A.I. fight us and justify it somehow? I mean after all, we are the ones programming it.


Shouldn’t we figure out a few things before we go down the road of A.I. and jogging robot development? For starters, shouldn’t we find a way to get along on this planet together before we create “machines” that have the potential to challenge us?


The day where a robot is revealed, that can challenge us not only physically, but also intellectually, is quickly approaching. And I’m not sure we are ready for it. Or should really even be trying to achieve it. But the people who are involved with robotic and A.I. technology seem hellbent on making this happen.


I am fairly certain that within the next 10 years a robot will be developed, and revealed, that will closely resemble the robots from science fiction. Cell phones, touch screens, and many other innovations started off as ideas in science fiction novels, and I don’t see why this will be any different.


In almost all fictional novels, and films, that involve advanced robotic A.I. it almost never ends well for the human race, however. We almost always come to an impasse with the robots and war, genocide, or enslavement, inevitably ensue.


Are we going to be able to program the robots we are creating “properly”, and get them to help us and continue to advance? And what does a properly programmed robot even look like? Will we eventually lose control of our creations, are we building the “devices” that will eventually lead to our downfall?


I guess, only time will tell....


I really hope I’m wrong about this. But the more robotic development I see, the more Terminator and Skynet keep popping up in my mind. We are really playing with fire when it comes to robotic technology, and artificial intelligence. And I’m beginning to wonder, how long we can play with fire, before we get burned?.....


Oh well.. I guess you don’t know until you try! :P I really hope this all works out.


In the meantime, here’s some art to brighten up the day!


Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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