Fricktured Friday


Is there a fate worse than death? Scientists seem to be trying to answer that question by conducting some...Shall we say, ghoulish experiments. And now, some people are asking whether or not these types of experiments should even be conducted, how ethical they are, and if we’ve gone to far.... But before that judgement can be made, I guess you need to know what happened.... So... Here it is.


With a system of pumps, artificial blood, tubes, heaters, and the most important part, and 100 dead pigs brains acquired from the slaughterhouse. Scientists were able to bring this pigs brains back to “life”, or reanimate them, for a FULL 36 hours with this DELIGHTFUL sounding medical apparatus.


There’s no way to tell what the pigs brains were thinking, or how they felt, and no way to actually know for certain if they weren’t just in a state of living hell. How would being “conscience”, or as they say, reanimated, with no body, and having your blood and warmth artificial supplied feel? Any volunteers? :P


The scientists have said that this process would most likely work on any known species, and that reanimating a human brain isn’t out of the realm of possibility... Too what end?


What if we are one day able to create bodies that are artificially made, but function like our human bodies and simply require a brain to become “active”.


If a murder victim say was shot through the chest and but their brain was intact... Would we bring them back to “life” or leave them dead?


This experiment brings up a bunch of ethical questions, like, how do the pigs feel for one! :P



This whole thing seems pretty messed up to me, I mean.. I’ve always been interested in ways to extend life, but having to be decapitated and hooked up to a machine to perform all your bodily functions, without being able to function or communicate in any meaningful way... Seems like a lofty price to pay for an extra 36 hours, don’t you think?


Maybe it’s just me... But this whole experiment seems a little too ghoulish to be continued, and should probably be shut down.


Any who.... Here’s a little something I finished off today. Let me know what you think.


Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend!


Sincerely, Bret Frick


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