Fricktured Friday

Fricktured Friday


I’m going through the art I’ve done over the past year or so and deciding what I’m going to be making prints of, and getting the ones that are already printed packaged and ready to go, for my upcoming art sale on June 10th!


I’ve bought a few frames that are the same as the ones that I’ve used for framing my pictures before, they sold well the last time I displayed them at an art show. So I’m expecting them to sell pretty decently this time around as well. But I’ve also bought some different varieties, and sizes of frames, that I’m going to try out, and I’m interested to see how those are going to sell.


I intend on making my display quite a bit more varied this time, not only in products that I have available for sale, but also in what price points are available to potential customers.


The biggest mistake I made at my first art sale was over pricing my prints, I had them marked between 35.00 and 50.00$.... Not a print was sold in the first few days of that art sale.


But then after thinking about it, and mulling it over, and talking about it with a few people, I changed my prices, cut them in half, or more, in most cases. Prints that were once marked between 35-50.00$ were now marked between 15-25.00$ and within about 20 minutes I sold one...That made me extremely happy. It verified that it hadn’t been my art that was turning people off to my products, it was my price point.


This is just one of the many things I’m having to think about for this upcoming sale... I learned a lot from the last few art sales and venues I’ve been too, and this is the first time I’m going to be putting that knowledge to the test, and see how much it benefits me, if at all!


Just a small update on what’s going on around here, and some thoughts about my upcoming sale... I just felt like keeping it simple today. Hope you enjoyed it!


Here’s a few pieces I’m probably going to be making prints of. They’re card sized-ish... Pictures, so I’m thinking of making them into cards. Probably blank cards, but maybe I’ll come up with some suggestions for what should be written inside... What to you think? Let me know.


Happy Friday Everyone, hope you had a good week, and make most of the weekend.


Sincerely, Bret Frick


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