Fricktured Friday

Fricktured Friday


WWII is one of the darkest and yet most fascinating times in our history. So many things happened in those years that it’s kind of hard to fathom. But, the actions taken then, have had a ripple effect that can still be felt to this day.


Many books have been written about this time in our history, but not many books have been written about ‘Operation Paperclip’, The secret American military program that brought Nazi’s to America. Not only did they come to America, some of them ended up running some of the most influential organizations in the country. The original head of the NASA program was a “former” devout Nazi.


And he was not the only one, far from it...


A man by the name of Kurt Blome, Dr. Kurt Blome, was the director of biological weapons research for the Reich. He was put on trial at Nuremberg, and accused of testing some of these biological weapons, and conducting experiments on human subjects throughout the war.. He vehemently denied these accusations. But with no evidence that he didn’t take part in human experiments(As many Nazi’s did), the U.S. tried to prosecute him... But he had a trump card to play.


His wife had meticulously researched experiments done by the OSRD, the U.S office of scientific research and development. And what she found didn’t really bode well for the American prosecutors.


It turned, this whole trial was a bit of a pot calling the kettle black situation. Not only had the Americans experimented on prisoners during the war, the doctors that did so we’re quoted in a Life magazine article as saying this, “Prison life is ideal for controlled laboratory work with humans.” Making the American prosecutors look like hypocrites...


Not only had they done exactly what they were accusing Blome of doing, they didn’t really have any evidence that he ever did any experiments on humans. So when they acquitted him the made sure to add this, “It may well be that defendant Blome was preparing to experiment on human beings in connection with bacterial warfare, but the record fails to disclose that fact, or that he ever actually conducted the experiments.”


So, because the American prosecutors were completely blindsided by Blome’s wife’s testimony, and were made to look like complete incompetent fools, they were forced to let Blome go.


Doctor Blome, the doctor that knew more about bubonic plague than anyone else, was a prime candidate for ‘Operation paperclip’ in the Americans eyes. But, because of the publicity garnered by the trial, and the crimes Blome was accused of, bringing him to America after the war would prove too difficult... Until the cold war that is, when his knowledge, apparently outweighed his crimes and previous held beliefs.


Proving once and for all that no matter what your crimes may be, if you have something that your enemy values, you’ll probably be let off of the hook. Especially if your wife can make the prosecutors look like fools in front of the world press.


Just an interesting story from a book I’m reading about ‘Operation Paperclip’ that makes it clear that history isn’t as black and white as we’ve been told it is... Enjoy, the darker more disturbing part of history everybody! :P


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Happy Friday everybody, Enjoy the weekend, see you Sunday!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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