Fricktured Friday

Today I’m just keeping this post short and to the point. I’ve got an art sale scheduled for July 1st which is this Sunday, and I’ve been making prints of a few pieces of my photography, so I can take them with me this Sunday, too see how, and if they sell.


I’m quite optimisitic about the prospects of selling prints of these pictures I’ve taken of our beautiful province here over the past month or so. I really think people will like these images, and will even be willing to throw down some money in order to purchase some “Frickin Photography”, but I’ll only know after Sunday....


So I’m really, really hoping that this sale goes well. And people appreciate the photography, I guess only time will tell.


Here’s three of my photo’s that I’ve decided to print. Just taking a couple of each so I can get a feel for how sales are going to be, let me know what you think about my selections.


Happy Friday Everyone, Hope you had a great week and hopefully your weekend is amazing! :)


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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