Fricktured Friday

Fricktured Friday


It’s really fun to think about far “out there” ideas such as, aliens, the lost city of Atlantis, who actually built the great pyramid of Giza. But none might be as “out there” as discussing the possibility of the multiverse.


I’ve recently listened to a scientist named Paul Stamets talk about an experience he has where he dreamed that the world was essentially going to end, through what he thought was going to be a nuclear war.


He had seen a field of dead cows in his “vision” and he told some of his friends about this experience of his, they kind of laughed it off and asked him when the world was suppose to end. He told them it wasn’t the Friday coming up, but the following week. So, they wrote it on the calendar.


About a week later a huge snowstorm hit the area that was extremely out of season and covered the area in a crazy amount of snow. This storm threatened Paul’s research papers that he had left in a cabin up in the hills where the snowstorm had hit hard. So much snow had fallen and melted in such a short period of time that it caused really bad flooding throughout the entire area...


As soon as the roads were clear enough to travel, Paul went to retrieve his research from the cabin. On his way he saw fields full of dead drowned cows... Just as he had seen in his dream... He himself believes he entered the multiverse. In his mind, how else do you explain such a coincidence?


It’s a really crazy story, especially when you consider it’s coming from a scientist!


It’s super fascinating to consider the possibility that we are living in just one of many universes living parallel to one another. And if that’s the case....How many are there? And what, if anything connects them?...


Got to love those “Out there” scientists!


I’ve been reading quite a bit lately....So, I decided to make another bookmark. Enjoy! Happy Friday everyone, hope you had a great week.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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