Fricktured Friday

Been doing a lot of reading and research for my book this past week and haven’t put to much time into art that isn’t commissioned based. Of which I’m not going to be posting any of it here, at least until after delivery, and then perhaps not even then. It's up to the customer! And right now it's meant for their eyes only.


I don’t really want to relay any intricate details of what my fiction book is about yet.


But I will tell you the book I have been reading for research purposes. ‘Area 51, An uncensored history of America’s top secret military base’ Written by Annie Jacobsen. It is... Absurd that it is not a book entirely made of fictional events, but instead real history backed up by eye witnesses and disclosed documents. Many of which came from the CIA.


What they reveal is... Disturbing. To say the least. And, they are just the files the government of the U.S. has chosen to release. As of 2007! For events that happened in 60’s!


It’s a great read however. Annie has a way of telling the history in a way that almost reads like a spy novel. But it’s spy history!


I’m getting plenty of ideas for my novel, and working on making these ideas I’ve had in my head for god knows how long now, a reality. Reading these types of history books is helping me, immensely! Seeing how willing people are to lie to each other, to cover things up for “the greater good”.. I truly believe I have the makings of an epic story on my hands. A mixture of fiction and reality.


One that will make our governments seem almost magical... And honestly, after doing a lot of reading and research into this topic. It doesn’t seem like that is that far from the truth.


Anyway, it’s Friday. And I had to say something... So there it is. Here’s a little piece I have been working on, but it’s not very far along. Mostly cause India ink takes FOREVER to dry if you make a line wider than a hair. So, enjoy what it is thus far and I’ll see you all next week!


Sincerely, Bret Frick



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