Fricktured Friday.

Fricktured Friday.


It’s always been thought, well for at least as long as I’ve been alive, that humans were the first species on the planet that made works of art in caves. And that when this happened our cognitive function got much better and this is how and why were able to advance to where we are as a society today.


It was always assumed that Neanderthals were fairly stupid and that they didn’t do much of anything creative. In fat the name suggested for their classification early on was Homo-stupiduss, apparently....


But with the discovery of cave art in the depths of Spain, once again our previous assumptions of just exactly how neanderthals acted, and how old things are must again be questioned.


They found these paintings in the depths of a cave and they are covered by small calcium carbonate deposits, which means that they were painted before the calcium deposits formed...


Those deposits are at least 64,000 years old. And there was only human like species in Spain at that time, Neanderthals. Modern Humans didn’t appear in the region until somewhere around 40,000 years ago....


So just how creative and advanced were these people that we once considered gorilla like? If they were able to make art and what else were the able to do?... Only with time and more discoveries like this one will we be able to know for sure.


But it’s exciting to think that as long ago as 64,000 years ago neanderthals were making things we only thought humans capable of making until this discovery destroyed that theory... If we were wrong about this, what else from our past have we misunderstood?


Can’t wait until the day they find evidence of Atlantis! :P


Happy Friday Everyone, hope you had a good week, here’s two things I’m working on, Enjoy.


Sincerely Bret Frick.



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