Fricktured Friday

Fricktured Friday


Friends. One of the most innocent, fun loving shows ever made during my childhood. A show I thought was so light hearted, that no one would ever take it seriously. A show that was so clearly comedy. And that ended a mere 14 years ago, is now under attack by some absolute psychos! For what exactly?


Oh, you know. Friends, as it turns out. Is actually, sexist, homophobic, and of course transphobic, just CAUSE!


Yes. Friends, in 2018 is all of these things it never was, or was meant to be. From its beginning on September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004 no one batted an eye at the jokes portrayed on the screen.


But somehow, the millennial generation has found yet, another way to be offended by something, that was never meant to be offensive to anyone.


There are a few episodes they brought up as “problematic”, in the article that I read. There’s one where Rachel hires a male secretary who is extremely under qualified, simply because she is attracted to him. And people now are saying she would have been fired for “sexual harassment” if that had ACTUALLY happened....


And APPARENTLY “sexism” seeps in to the show when Rachel hires a male nanny for her and Ross’s child. And Ross gets uncomfortable and tells Rachel he thinks that job is more suited for a women and he doesn’t want his child to be looked after by a feminine man. Oh the HORROR!


People expressing opinions and PREFERENCES, on a T.V. show. In a comedic way, Unfiltered in 2018 is absolutely, UNACCEPTABLE!


I mean, this is just a whole new low. And if we keep going down this path, where no one can be “offensive” to anybody, even while engaging in comedy....


Then we are headed down a dark and dangerous path. One that’s disturbingly close to an authoritarian state... One I thought I’d only read about in the most disturbed fiction novels.


Just a fun little story of people who are trying to ruin things from my childhood.....Hooray!... :(


And here’s this piece. Got a little more done to it. I’m spending more time rotating the paper and looking and thinking about my next line, than I am actually making them at this point. It’s getting so close to being finished......I’m super excited to get that tape off and see it with those borders!


Happy Friday everyone, Enjoy the weekend.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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