Fricktured Friday.

Fricktured Friday.


There are discoveries being made that make a lost civilization such as Atlantis, seem like more of a possibility, and less of a fiction. Much like the city of Troy was once thought to be only a fiction, given enough time there will be evidence of Atlantis, at least I think so. A discovery made this week about another civilization gives me hope that this will one day be the case.


This week it was revealed that there has been a major discovery made in the Guatemalan jungle, at the ancient city of Tikal. They found more than 60,000 ruins swallowed by the jungle. Which include fortified walls, and long stretches of raised highways.


How did they do it? They used a special form of laser technology called Lidar. Which stands for “Light detection and ranging” They mapped an area over 810 square miles (2,100km) using this technology.


The results from these scans suggest that the ancient Mayan civilization was much more advanced, sophisticated and populous than previously thought. More like ancient Chinese or Greek cities, the archaeologists suggest.


They even think the population in this area could have been three to four times the size they previously thought. Which brings everything in to question in my opinion, including the time frame.


It’s possible that it could have been even more advanced and older than those civilizations, it could have even been part of Atlantis’s great trade empire. Why not? If 60,000 buildings were covered by foliage in the jungle until now. Who are we to think we have any idea what happened 10,000+ years ago.


We’re so quick to judge our ancestors as primitive and technologically inferior to us....why? What if a cataclysm of epic proportions took place and wiped out the power grid for our civilization and took ninety percent of the global population with it? What would be left in 10,000, what stories would be told of our advanced civilization? If any....


Most of the buildings they found are thought to be “stone platforms that would have supported the average pole-and-thatch Maya home”. Which seems like quite a leap to me. Even if this civilization existed 1,500 years ago as is suggested, how can we be sure what their homes looked like if most of their civilization is either gone or buried in a deep dense jungle?


Plastic products last 400 years... that’s a long time, to us. But not a long time in the grand scheme of things...If 10,000 years went by before our cities were discovered again. What would be left besides our stone structures? Which happen to be basements and walls in most places, no?


Many of the places they discovered were thought to be in locations previously thought to be uninhabitable. So how would people survive and thrive if they didn’t have a vast trade network much like we have today?


Discoveries such as this give me hope that one day we may find real, tangible proof of the Atlantis one day. And that we admit, that we don’t know as much about the past as we think we do, especially when it comes to cities buried in the jungle.


Happy Friday Everyone, Hope you had a good week!


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