Fricktured Friday.

Fricktured Friday.


Some people are just so screwed up in the head, you kind of have to wonder how exactly they got that way. The YouTuber Logan Paul, is one of those people.


About a month ago, this.....individual, made a video of him going into the forest at the base of mount Fuji, known to locals as “suicide forest”. They were going there to.... walk around in a creepy place. In what was supposed to be some sort of weird Blaire witch spin off.


Instead it turned into some kind of suicide documentary, or something.... Cause, they found a dead body, almost immediately.


Finding the dead body wasn’t a problem, it was kind of half expected to happen, given where they were. No, it’s how they chose to interact with the body that was very....Troublesome.


Instead of leaving and informing the authorities of what they found, right away. He made a video that included the dead body... In it, he’s seeing asking their Japanese guide if he thinks that what they found is indeed a dead body and then zooms in on a clearly hanging corpse and says “Hello”.. And continues to comment on it as if it is no big deal.


It’s hard to describe what made the video so gross, exactly..But it most definitely was. And many people echoed that sentiment once they saw the footage for themselves.


Once enough people saw the video the blow back got so bad for Paul that he eventually took down the video (after getting about 5 million views, with the video monetized). He then issued an apology that didn’t really feel at all sincere. And now it’s easy to see why.....


For about a month, he took a break from making and posting videos, only to come back in the most “shocking” way possible.


He made a video of himself tasering dead rats.....Yep, this is a guy a major corporation like YouTube endorsed. Until today, that is.....


After this YouTube decided to suspend all ads on Logan Paul’s videos, essentially cutting his funding. They had even stayed his loyal supporters after the suicide forest video, after this they decided that enough was enough, the P.R. backlash would be far to much to handle, so they severed ties...Finally.


It only took the tasering of dead rats like an absolute psycho for them to come to that conclusion about Logan Paul.....


Cause, filming a dead body and fooling around beside it, in a place called “SUICIDE FOREST” is just totally chill, and normal....... :/


Got to say, glad YouTube took a step in the right direction and demonetized his videos. Even if it took them way too long, and one psychotic video too many, to come to this conclusion.


Happy Friday everyone, Hope you had a great week. And if you didn’t, maybe knowing a sleez bag lost ad deals worth millions will cheer you up a bit! :)


Here’s a piece in my “To hell with this picture” pile, that I decided to keep going with. Let me know what you think.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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