Fricktured Friday.

Fricktured Friday.


Our society has become fractured, on so many different subjects it is almost impossible for us to come to an agreement on anything anymore..... People’s OPINIONS have become something that have divided us very heavily over the past few years. And this year the madness has reached new levels of insanity.


The movie Black Panther is set to “Break stereotypes” of some kind.... And showcase black people as the leading role in a movie for the first time EVER!.... If you Forget about Hancock, Man on Fire, I am Legend, I robot, or Spawn, Just to name a few movies where the leading role was played by a black man...


But that matters not, cause if you even think of giving this movie a bad review, well, you’re a god damn racist! According to some people, like this pleasant individual!






I mean, I’m not sure how not liking a movie makes you a racist, but that’s apparently where we are in 2018, and I’m just baffled by it.


I wouldn’t be so bothered by stuff like this if it hadn’t been made abundantly clear to me by people in their 50’s and 60’s that things have gotten progressively worse for race relations in the past few years and not better....


And if people are being called racists for simply not liking a film, it’s pretty clear that those people are right. And that’s disturbing to no end....


Here’s a piece I finished off today, really liking this new gold pen I got.


Happy Friday Everyone, Have a great weekend.


Sincerely Bret Frick.




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