Mach Speed! Monday.

Mach speed! Monday.


Do you like to travel? Do you hate how long it takes to go anywhere that isn’t attached to the same continent as you? Would you travel farther, if you could simply get there faster? How does three hours anywhere in the world sound? Well that might actually be possible... And people may actually be able to do it sooner than we think.


The new jet, that’s still currently unnamed, would travel at about 3,800 miles per hour, which is more than six times the speed of most commercial aircraft and twice as fast as a supersonic jet. It’s been developed for the Chinese military, but the potential to change civilian air travel is obvious.


How much would this change the landscape of international travel? Well we can’t say for sure, but we can speculate. The current flight time on a commercial jet to get from Beijing China, to, New York in the US is, 13 hours and 30 minutes... How quickly would you be able to accomplish that trip at hypersonic speed? About 2 hours...


So at the current air travel speed with one plane, you couldn’t even do a trip there in back in a 24 hour period... At hypersonic speed however, you could do that 5 times a day, easily...How many more people would travel to far off places if it only took 2 hours instead of more than half a day to get where they wanted? A LOT!....


But like most new technologies this one is EXPENSIVE, and the soonest people are speculating that you will be able to buy a ticket on one of these hypersonic bad boys is sometime in the middle of the next decade.... So don’t hold your breath waiting for a ride on this thing, because it’s likely to not be available to anyone but the richest of the rich until 2025, at the earliest....


It’s a really exciting time for technological advancement...But let’s just hope they don’t get any “BRILLIANT” ideas from Boston Dynamicsand start adding A.I. interfaces to hypersonic jets......


Just some interesting technological advancements I thought I’d share, ENJOY!


Here’s a few pieces that I’ve done over the years, the first one was done somewhere around 2014....When I first started to use real paper and take my art seriously. And the second one is from last year. I would like to know which one you prefer and why.


Hope you like these few BLASTS from my creative past!


Happy Monday Everyone,


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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