Making Chnages, Monday.

Last week I decided to go to the lake with my family just to get away and spend some time recharging. Lately, especially the few weeks leading up to this trip I’ve felt really drained, extremely drained. Every drawing I started, every line I made, it just felt... Off.


There’s nothing quite like a week in the woods to get your creativity flowing again. Now, admittedly, I still haven’t done much drawing... But over this last week I decided to make some changes, and I’ve started taking up another artistic medium, photography. I’m really starting to like it.


I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, but I’ve just never really did it because I didn’t have a camera and couldn’t really be bothered to get one. But thanks to cell phones, all that’s kind of changed.


The phone I have has a really decent camera on it. And that has allowed me to begin to take some pictures of landscapes, and wildlife, and help me explore my horizons as an artist.


And given how positive the reaction has been to these pictures I took, I’ll probably start posting more photography here. I’m also going to be making a few prints of a few of these for my next art sale and see how they sell.


That’s what I’ve been up too for the past week, and just a few things of what I plan on doing over the next little while. Hope you enjoy these photos.


I’m back, baby!


Happy Monday everybody, hope you had a fantastic weekend. And if you’re feeling burnt out, do something about it! Go to the lake. :P


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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