Man?... Monday.

Man?... Monday.


In a STARTLING turn of events, a singer Named Ginuwine has sparked a debate on Twitter after he refused to kiss a Trans woman Named India Willoughby and said he had no interest in dating a Trans person. With some people actually calling him a bigot.... For simply voicing his dating preferences. We have reached peak crazy!


The encounter took place on an episode of celebrity big brother U.K. And the whole “controversy” that’s started because of this is due to a conversation between Willoughby and Ginuwine. One where Willoughby asks if he would her,


“You would date me, yeah”


“Not if you were trans,”Ginuwine said.


Even after this conversation, as terse as it was. The Trans women, Willoughby, tried to kiss Ginuwine, He rejected her outright, and she stormed off.


What seems like a pretty straight forward case of simply stating ones personal preferences, is now apparently, BIGOTRY!...


It was only a matter of time until this whole trans “acceptance” thing went off the rails. Because it’s really never been about live and let live, if being straight is their line in the sand for bigotry.


This is a really disturbing story. One where people are trying to force their values and beliefs on another person. And that simply can’t be permitted, ever.


Here’s a bookmark I made, it’s probably my favourite bookmark design I’ve done to date. Hope you like it.


Happy Monday everyone, Hope you had a good start to the week.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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