Marketing Moves Monday.

I’ve been putting my Kickstarter campaign together over the last week and so far, so good, I think. I want to tweak a few things and I need to finalize some information on the back end, before I’m ready to take it live. But It’s close to being done. And I’m looking for your opinions on a few aspects of the funding campaign.


1. What do you think of the main description of the campaign (The “story”) and the risks and challenges sections, do you like them? If not what would you change? If yes, I’ll take your silence on this subject as approval! :P


2. What do you think of the different tiers of “Rewards” which one is your favourite, and which one is your least favourite, and why? Do you think it would be beneficial to offer other rewards? And if so, what, and at what price point?


3. What is your favourite picture of the three down below, one of these will end up being the main image for my Kickstarter campaign and I need to make sure it’s EYE catching.


Any and all suggestions, and opinions are welcome, don’t be shy! I want to make sure this campaign is a good one.


Happy Monday all! Hope your weeks off to a good start. See you Wednesday!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


This is the link for the preview page. You need to copy and paste it in order to see it. Just the way it is with these preview links I guess....





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