Mars invasion Monday

There have been a lot of ridiculous ideas put forward by scientists, and robotic engineers, over the last few years, but this one might take the prize for being the worst one yet... As in, “THERE EATING MY DAMN FACE!”. That’s how bad it is.


Terra forming, the idea of making unlivable planets, habitable. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, yeah... Unless you’re planning on using robotic bees to make that happen. And that’s exactly what NASA wants to do to Mars.


Apparently, robotic rovers are not good to use on Mars’s surface, as they tend to get stuck in the dirt, and sand. So apparently, the logical conclusion is to fund an experimental program to develop robotic bees and send them in...


They want to build a little bee rover (Mobile robotic bee hive) to house these things, and act as their communication base, and recharging station. Having a bunch of electronic bees, with mobile charging stations... What could POSSIBLY go wrong. Well, if you’ve seen Black Mirror, you know evil robotic bees can be!


And maybe that’s my problem, I tend to have a very “apocalyptic” outlook when it comes to robotic technology. Probably because I’ve seen Terminator about a million times.


When it comes to people saying “The robots will be good, we’ll program them to be good.” My thought is... “That’s a beautiful idea and all, but that’s what YOU’RE doing. But someone else might have some more nefarious ideas in their head, and what’s stopping them from reprogramming YOUR robots to achieve THEIR goals?”


And their in lies the problem, what assurance is there that these robo bees will be used for good? And whose to say they won’t be reprogrammed? Or even worse, somehow become self aware?


When it comes to robotic technology and A.I. I believe we are playing with fire. I love fire, been playing with fire since I was a kid, burned my hands many times playing with fire... Never really gained anything from playing with fire, but hey! Maybe NASA engineers playing A.I. (Robot fire) will have more BREAKTHROUGHS in their experiments than I did with mine! :P


Robotic bees becoming a thing...... My, my..... To think just a little over twenty years ago, the internet wasn’t even widely used. Now we’re talking about sending robo bees to colonize mars.... We truly are living in incredible times.


My Kickstarter has been approved and I’m taking it live! Finally. I’m simply trying to get my name out there, and get some funds together any way I can, and this seems like a good thing to try.


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My Kickstarter is finally live! :) Now all I need to do is get the word about it out there....


But if you just want to see the progress that’s being made on my most recent pieces, here you go!


Happy Monday everyone, Hope you’re having a good start to the week.



Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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