Mass Manipulation Monday.

Mass Manipulation....Monday.


China, the worlds “favorite” totalitarian government has decided to implement among their citizenry something called a “Social credit system”. If anyone has seen the episode of Black Mirror called “Nosedive” this whole concept should terrify you. It’s essentially that, but real life! So HOORAY!.... If you haven’t seen it, let me explain what this is and why it’s extremely bothersome.


Basically, everyone in the country is rated on what is referred to as a “Social credit” system. Get to many infractions, or fall far enough down the social credit system hierarchy and you will have certain societal “privileges” revoked.


What would these infractions consist of exactly? Well, financial wrongdoings is one, a very large and vague category. Employers who fail to pay for social programs through social insurance, people and business that fail or refuse to pay fines will receive infractions as well.


But by far the most disturbing out of all the possibilities I’ve read about is the infraction that is an individual “found to have committed acts of spreading false information about terrorism”...


Meaning the government is going to be deciding what information is real and beneficial, and what information is false and detrimental to the public... And as we all know, governments never, EVER lie...


As far as the punishments for this are concerned the only one I’ve read about is having your plane, bus, and travel privileges in general revoked, for up to a year.


This whole system is built on the principle that “Once untrustworthy, always untrustworthy” Something president Xi, himself beliefs in firmly. And you can kind of understand why, no one is telling the truth to an authoritarian who can have you arrested with a word...


China, what a place. Got to be vigilant and make sure authoritarians are never able to gain a foothold here in Canada... Xi’s “social credit” system is societal Cancer that must not be allowed to spread!


Be happy you don’t live in China where the government tells you what to do and how to act, or else they make you walk everywhere! Bloody communists...


Happy Monday everyone, here’s a few small pieces I’ve been working on. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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