Mass production Monday.

There seems to be a robot being built for everything these days, and many jobs are going to be threatened because of mechanical innovation. Two french engineers have created a robot that makes a fresh pizza, ready to be thrown in the oven, every 30 seconds.


Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Think about how many people are employed at pizza parlours around the world. Now, imagine half of them were unemployed. See any problems arising from this? I do.


Unemployment is a huge driving force of civil unrest. And with how much inequality there is between the highest rung of society and the lowest, and with it getting wider, I don’t see the peace we have in society now sustaining itself if jobs keep being filled by machines...


How will people earn a living? How are we meant to sustain ourselves, and our families if most of the productivity is done by machines, and those who benefit from that productivity are the select few rich enough to afford these mechanic innovations.


We’ve already seen this technological revolution affect our society. Many burger places now have automated kiosks that allow you to place an order through them instead of having to ever engage with another person.


This isn’t only a bad thing because on less job is available to the people, but it’s also making, or at least allowing people to socialize less. And I think this is having a very negative effect on the psyche of many people in our society. I don’t believe that so many people are depressed and anxious for no reason. And I think the amount of technology available to us is playing a major role.


I think it’s a really good idea to have innovation like this, so we can free up people from monotonous jobs as much as possible. But people need something to do, they need to feel a sense of purpose, but they also need to be able to make a living... And without jobs, mundane as they may be. I’m not sure how we go about achieving that.


Just another fun innovation from the world of robotics, at least this one isn’t a robot that looks like it could become a killer like the ones from boston dynamics, at least this one just wants to make us pizza, even if it is, TAKEN OUR JOBS! :P


Here’s a piece I did a while back, enjoy.


Happy Monday Everyone, hope you had a good start to the week and hope your summer is going well.Sincerely,


Bret Frick.


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