Mechanized MADENESS! Monday.

Mechanized MADNESS Monday...



So, Boston Dynamics is at it again!... They’ve been creating robots that look like demon dogs, and they will definitely be part of the army of robots that bring about our destruction. :P If such an army ever materializes, which some people think this is a definite possibility. And that A.I. will evolve and meld with these machines, turning our planet into a real life terminator movie.


Others think that’s tin foil hat NONSENSE! And that people are overreacting when they think researching advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence alongside each other could EVER lead too a catastrophic outcome.


Regardless, of what people say, including Elon Musk, research into these fields of technology continues at full speed. Companies like Boston Dynamics are creating robots and developing Artificial intelligence at a staggering rate....


I’m not convinced they even know what the end goal is for many of these projects... Other than creating, very cool, but very terrifying Ex Machina (Good movie) like robotic machines.


We can really only hope that none of those bad things happen, because these people have made it clear they are not going to stop developing machines....That one day might be much more...Disturbing than even these ones are...


Here’s a tweet with a video of these mechanized dogies, so you can see how FUN! They look... woof, WOOF!


And, of course here’s a small piece from today. Hope you like it!


Happy Monday everyone. Don’t think about the death dogs too much...I know I won’t... :)


Sincerely, Bret Frick.




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