Mentality Monday.

Today I read our local universities news paper and several articles appalled me so much, that I approached several people at the university, including one of the editors, to try to get to the bottom of how an article attacking masculinity and conservatives was even able to be published.


The article contained some of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read, including this gem...


“People are dying every day, and every single f****** one of you politicians and conservatives are complicit. Colton Boushie died at the hands of a racist”


Firstly, how are ALL conservatives responsible for the actions of one man? This statement alone is so baffling it made me want to rip the paper in half, and set it alight.


Secondly, what PROOF do you have that Gerald Stanley was a racist? From everything I’ve read he was simply trying to stop a robbery on his property. And because his gun was improperly stored the bullets became defective, and the gun misfired.


Boushie by no means should have died, and what happened is extremely tragic. But lets not pretend that trying to steal quads and trespassing on someones land is a “noble” act.


This whole incident just seems like a horrible accident and in the opinion of Annie Trussler of the U of R, all men are to blame.


Yes, all men. Why do I say that? Because of statements like this.


“We are taught that men can murder us should we disappoint them- Men, women, non-binary folks, we are not meant to be subjugated and killed by angry, unstable men. We refuse to victims of boys who refuse to grow up (not that masculinity is essential- please stay soft and not violent)”



Imagine if I said “Femininity is not essential, please toughen up and learn to not be so emotional.”


Ridiculous statement, right? Not if you make a blanket statement against all men however... No, no, NO! Then it’s a valid “opinion”, not a sexist one....


This whole thing makes me wonder exactly what our young adults are being taught at university. Clearly not what sexism is... I’m honestly BAFFLED by the article I read. And how it ever got published, in a university newspaper, no less!


This double standard is sickening. Women can do no wrong, and must be trusted NO MATTER WHAT! But men? Well, screw men. Masculinity isn’t essential, apparently... Please, stay soft.... How about NO!


Who do you think makes up our armed forces, who do you think keeps you safe and secure so you can write this drivel? I’d bet my left nut it’s not feminists!


Get over yourselves. Men need women, and women need men. We complete each other. Both of our genders unique traits are essential for our survival. And neither of our unique characteristics should be attacked like this!


I’m just absolutely astounded that a university would publish this, “Men: We call B.S.” Article. Honestly, U of R, I call B.S.



... This opinion piece was just so ridiculous, I had to mention it. Here’s some art to brighten this post.


Happy Monday everybody, Hope you’re having a good start to the week!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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