Micro Management Monday.

Do you ever feel like a company knows you better than you know yourself, or that they can make critical judgements better than you are capable of doing? Well, Apple agrees! Their VP of product marketing Susan Prescott, made the announcement that the, "Top stories are handpicked by the Apple News editorial team,"... Because why let the public decide what the top news story of the day is, when you can have a company do it for you!....


This means that instead of the algorithms deciding what people are most interested in, and what the top story is based on search queries. Apple will instead be making those decisions for you. Or as Prescott put it.


“News is a personalized feed where you can see all the stories you want to read, pulled together from trusted sources, and our top stories are handpicked by the Apple News editorial team,”


Not only do they pick what stories are most important each day for you, they also seem to have decided that they are the arbiters of what constitutes “trusted sources”.


Why can’t “reporters” just report on the news and leave their opinions out of it and let the public decide based on the FACTS of whats going on, and not be told what to think by “trusted sources” and the “Apple news editorial team”.


Increasingly companies seem to think that they have some sort of “right” to be able to filter the news we see, and the opinions we hear about that news. And wouldn’t it be really nice to know why they think like this? I sure think it would...


Companies and governments are really getting out of control with their censorship. I hope people start to say enough is enough, before we lose the ability to find opposing opinions on the news stories we read. And instead have an editorial team picking all the news we see from their “trusted sources”. Cause, If that’s not Orwellian, I don’t know what is.


Anyway... Here’s a few of my best selling pieces of all time. And with my upcoming sale happening this Sunday I’m going to be “remastering” one of these. Got any guesses as to which one it will be, or what one you’d like to see redone the most? Let me know.


Happy Monday everybody,




Bret Frick.



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