Mine, mine, MINE! Monday.

Well, it appears like people are just getting more and more entitled. Some people are now claiming ownership of entire cultures....Over the weekend, I’m pretty positive I read one of the dumbest “News” stories I’ve ever read about.


A young 18 year old girl, who goes by Keziah on Twitter, tweeted out a picture of her in her prom dress. The caption above the photos simply saying “Prom”... That’s literally it.


So, what exactly is the problem with any of this? Well... She was wearing a traditional Chinese dress, and she’s white, and APPARENTLY, according to a mob on Twitter, and the one random guy who started all this. “My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress” Verbatim, that’s what he said... Pathetic, isn’t it?


Many people came to the young woman’s defence stating she did nothing wrong (She didn’t). But that didn’t stop some people from being absolute idiots. With one Twitter user asking, “Was the theme of prom casual racism.”


Which makes me wonder, do these people even know what the hell racism is?


The people that experienced segregation, lynchings, and all around horrible treatment for simply being born a certain skin colour, they experienced racism. A girl simply wearing a dress she thought was PRETTY is not racism! It’s not even close to racism, it actually could be, and should be considered. Cultural APPRECIATION! Like, holy hell.


Random people online choosing to be “offended” by a girls prom dress because of YOUR perceived beliefs of how the world should work, aren’t experiencing anything. And most assuredly are not “victims” of racism, or “cultural appropriation” (whatever the hell that is) because of a girls Tweet of her prom pictures!


Seriously, grow the hell up! There are actually problems in our world, people are LITERALLY being murdered in the middle east, day in, and day out.


Today in fact, a bomb went off in Kabul and it killed 25 people. But why focus on that, or any real issue that requires a complex solution and critical thinking skills, when you can feign outrage about a dress!?


It’s honestly baffling to me that people dog piled on this young women for simply wearing a DRESS! that’s it... That’s literally all that happened. But apparently it was a BIG enough story to lead Twitters “Trending” page. And that makes me wonder who the hell is moderating Twitter?


Cause if this is the BIGGEST trend of the day according to these clowns, when a bomb went off killing over two dozen people, and when North Korea and South Korea are talking peace, for the first time since the 1950’s... We got big, BIG problems that need to be addressed.


A culture that will try to find any way to be a “victim” for one...


Honestly, just BAFFLING!


Anyway, here’s some art to try and alleviate some of the stupidity out of this post! :P Happy Monday Everyone, hope it was a good start to the week!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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