Misinformation, Monday.

Misinformation, Monday.


History...How’s that old saying go? “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. This, somehow in 2017 seems very, very applicable for today’s journalists unfortunately....


Over the weekend a buzzfeed editor named, Kelly Oakes tweeted out “All I want for Christmas is full communism now!”


Because, apparently she looked at the colossal success that was the soviet union. A regime responsible for somewhere around 30-50 million people dead and said, “Hey, that seems like a political system for U.S. to try!”


Or perhaps she looked to China, the current communism “Powerhouse” responsible for 17 out of 20 of the most polluted cities on planet earth, has some of the worst internet freedom regulations on planet earth, jails people for political dissent, and is also responsible for tens of millions of dead people. And said, “DAMN, China you looking F.I.N.E!”


Oh yes, Full scale communism sounds utterly FANTASTIC! doesn’t it? Having the state in control of every aspect of your life, I mean, what’s not to love?


It really astounds me that people can have access to the internet, all the knowledge therein and still somehow come to the conclusion that communism is a good idea. That if we are just somehow all made “equal” all of our problems will just miraculously ‘go away’!....


Well, there are just a few problems with this. Firstly, people aren’t equal. We all have different skills and abilities, we all have different work ethic and interests. There are most certainly flaws with capitalism. But trying to address them by implementing a full scale communist revolution is NOT a solution.


Some people really need to pick up a history book, because these days I’m pretty sure most people have no idea NAZI stands for, ‘National socialist German workers party’....What, with all the self proclaimed socialists out there these days.


Just a little something I thought I’d share that boggles my mind... Clearly we need better education than the state run education we have currently in schools. See, when you let the state control anything, it inevitably sucks....


Here’s a piece from my personal collection as I’m working on a bunch of projects including a painting that’s no where near finished and I don’t want to share. So...Hope you like this one. My PRECIOUS! :P


Happy Monday Everyone!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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