Missile V2 Monday.

Missle, V2. Monday.



There are so many stories from WWII that are absolutely horrific. That show us just how dark people can be, given the chance. And we like to think that we fought those dirty, corrupt fascists to the very last man. And drove Nazi’s and their ideals from our people and planet. But that’s far, very far from the truth....


At the tail end of the war, one of the most controversial operations to ever take place in history was approved by the U.S. Government. A covert operation, Codename. Operation: Paperclip.


The goal of this covert government operation into the Nazi’s Reich, was to capture Nazi scientists and engineers. Not to imprison them and try them for their crimes, but to offer them positions of importance within American scientific institutions, and help America build rockets and other sophisticated technologies.


How high up did these positions of prominence go? Wernher Von Braun, the head of NASA was a Nazi, and not just any Nazi... But the man who built The V1 and V2 rockets for Germany’s Reich. A man that was most certainly involved in using slave labour from concentration camps, who had overseen countless horrors during his time with the Reich...


He was given amnesty for his crimes, on the basis that he helped the American’s build rockets. And build rockets he did. He was the master mind behind the Saturn V rocket....The rocket that put men on the moon.


He was just one of many Nazi scientists given amnesty after the war. Despite all he did, the American government decided his knowledge was more important than his crimes...I find that justification, fascinating.


History, is a really messy subject....


I decided to write about this cause I’m currently reading a book about this very subject, Called. Operation Paperclip. The secret intelligence program that brought Nazi scientists to America. It’s all about how deep it goes. Is really fascinating. Dark and disturbing, but fascinating.


I’ve also been looking at making my artwork into certain for sale items and have been looking back at old pictures, trying to pick the designs I would like to use... Here are some of my favourites.


If you like any out of this bunch? Let me know.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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