Monarchy Monday

Monarchy Monday.


My family, like many families in Canada and around the globe, have some odd obsession with the British royal family. And this past week with the royal wedding, the people who like and follow what’s happening with the royal family have been driving the rest of us, who could really care less what the royals are up too, INSANE!


Personally, I just don’t understand the appeal of venerating people who are supposed to have some “divine right” to rule over you in the first place. And celebrating their wedding, how ridiculous is that?


Two people who you’ve never met, and have nothing in common with, are getting married. And they expect you to bow to them if you see them on the street because they are a “duke” and “duchess”... Sounds like their wedding is something to celebrate, doesn’t it?!...


The whole royal spectacle this past weekend cost the taxpayers of Britain an excess of 40 million dollars... How much the royal family actually paid for “themselves” who knows.


But, once the wedding was over, and the royals had finished using the flowers at their wedding, they donated them to a local old folks home, so the old ladies could have some flowers... So that’s nice... And definitely worth the 40 million dollar price tag!


I’m really astounded that these “Royals” are still able to get away with taking millions of dollars away from the people, while providing them with nothing, and how happy and oblivious people are too it. Including my family... It’s somewhat irritating.


I got to say... It’s really disheartening how some people still find “value” in having the royal family around... Especially when none of them can explain exactly what that value is.


Figured I share a few thoughts on the “royal” wedding that happened this weekend.....Because holy crap, the fact that we still have any “royal” families on this planet drives me insane. And how much coverage there has been of this event is absolutely ridiculous.


Here’s an older piece of art I did, something to make this post worthy of royalty! :P My grandparents came to visit today ... So I didn’t get much artwork done this evening. But they did give me the idea for this post, so, bright side! :)


Happy Monday everyone, hope you’re having a good Monday. Enjoy the week!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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