More out there? Monday.



For well over 50 years people have been asking a few... interesting questions. Are we alone amongst the stars? Are we really all there is? Or are there other species out there much more advanced than we are?


There’s a lot of evidence actually that people have been thinking about this or much longer than just the past 50 years, but this subject really gained some traction after the crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947..


A UFO crashed, supposedly, the military even said they’d recovered a UFO. And on July 8th The Roswell Daily Record Newspaper reported just that. Than... A day later the story changed... it was just a crashed weather balloon.


That was enough to satisfy most people, and interest in the subject of UFO’s waned outside of a few ‘conspiracy’ circles... Until it was revealed that the government actually had a secret program called project ‘Blue Book’ that ran until 1969 where they were treating UFO’s sightings and possible crashes as credible, and investigating them, heavily.


After that revelation many people became interested in the UFO phenomenon and endlessly investigate it to this very day... And last year people who were interested in this subject were given quite a gift from the New York Times.


They published an article which revealed that the Pentagon, and subsequently the government never actually stopped investigating UFO’s as a possible threat as it was claimed in 1969 ( I know SHOCKER)... ‘Blue Book’ never actually ended, it just...Changed, into The AATIP (The Advanced Aerospace threat Identification program).


And according to the article in the Times, this program was given a whooping 22$ million between the years of 2007 and 2011.... A lot of money spent to investigate things that don’t exist, isn’t it? Especially considering, it was just a weather balloon after all... :P



Call me CRAZY but I think there’s a lot more to the story than we’re being told...


I don’t know, but what I do know is that I love thinking about UFO’s and what might be out there when I’m drawing. :P


Happy Monday Everyone, Here’s some more progress done on this one.


Hope your weeks off to a good start everybody.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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