Morning Joe Monday.

Morning Joe Monday.


Most days, lets face it. The best way to start your morning is with a nice hot cup of coffee. New years day...It’s especially necessary.


For quite some time now there has been a debate going on as to how healthy coffee is for a person. According to the National Geographic Science edition, there is some great news regarding the effects it has on our bodies.


The article says “The caffeine habits of more than half of a million people in 10 different European countries including the U.K. were studied by the agency for research on cancer and Imperial College London. The results show that drinking more coffee reduces death from all causes, compared to those who go without it. And, in fact, coffee seems particularly helpful in avoiding circulatory and digestive diseases.


After adjusting for factors including diet and smoking, those who drank the most coffee-including decaf- lived longer.”


So, not only is coffee absolutely delicious and essential for survival. It’s also good for you?..... Amazing!


These are findings I think most people will be able to get behind, considering 75% of American adults drink coffee. The other 25% are seriously missing out on what might be the most healthy habit any of us are partaking in. :P


Here are a few of my favourite pieces from 2017. And one that’s in the works and will most likely be my first finished piece of 2018, Enjoy!


Happy NEW YEARS everyone! Let’s make 2018 the best year yet!


Sincerely, Bret Frick




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Mary Aird

The last picture is my favourite. Dr. Oz did a program on coffee a while ago. The study indicated that the best coffee for us is the light roasts and they tested a whole list of coffees and Dunken Donuts was the best and McDonald’s was second. Nothing was mentioned re caffeine but apparently in the mild roasts there is some of the same substance that is in red wine that is supposed to be good for us.
See you, Mary

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