"Musical" Monday.


Well yesterday was the art sale, and lets just say It wasn’t quite what I had expected... It was, technically, a music festival, and we artists were there to sell our stuff while the music was going on. I had envisioned a guy playing guitar, a couple of big speakers, and maybe a DJ. What we got was significantly, louder.


Now, normally I have no problem with loud music, especially when it’s at a music festival.. But when you have vendors maybe 20 feet away from the stage, perhaps don’t turn the music up so loud you have to yell at anyone that tries to talk to you...


The DJ they hired for this event had a style that was much more suitable for a rave, or a massive concert, not for what was supposed to be a fairly quiet Sunday music festival with a number of art vendors in the park. He brought about 25 speakers, all fairly large for a place that needed about 4 for what the venue was. But, alas he decided that was unacceptable, he needed to be able to deafen us all!


It was an alright day, aside from the loud blaring music that made it almost impossible to talk to anyone. I met another some other artists, got some contact information, and I got a little more experience at these type of events.


I got another event planned for July 1st and it’s just an art festival this time, so it should be much more conducive to what I’m trying to do, sell art.


Any who, just a small update about the event that I had this weekend. And here’s some art, enjoy. Happy Monday Everybody.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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