Muzzled Monday.

Muzzled Monday.


A man, a journalist from the UK, has been imprisoned for merely doing his job, Reporting. He was reporting on one of the biggest issues that face the UK today. Who is this man? His name is Tommy Robinson, and he is being silenced. And that’s surprisingly not the worst part about this. Not only has the UK imprisoned this man and sentenced him to a year behind bars, within hours. On some extremely flimsy charges. They have also issued a ban on reporting on Tommy Robinson’s arrest within the UK.


Tommy was reporting on some of the worst stuff to have ever affected the UK civilian population, it’s so dark and disturbing I’m not going to get into specifics, but there are articles that tell the whole story and I would advise you to look them up if you are interested.


The main thing that concerns me about this current story is not what Tommy was reporting on, although that needs to be dealt with. The blatant censorship is what I find most concerning about this. Not only are some of the worst crimes against other human beings being committed in the UK. The bodies that govern the UK seemingly want to sweep the story under the rug, along with anyone who tries to report on it.


Essentially, all media outlets in the UK are muzzled from telling Tommy Robinson’s story.... There is not one journalistic entity that can tell the story of Tommy Robinson’s arrest in the UK, and yet we are supposed to believe that free speech exists? Yeah right!


This situation of selective journalism is getting out of control. And the states attempts to control the narrative are getting ridiculous. The thing that worries me the most about all this is how long until they say what you are allowed read, write, draw, or even think? If they are telling journalistic organizations what they can and can’t report on, how can we consider ourselves free?


It’s really weird, watching George Orwell’s 1984 come to life...


Just one of those weird stories from around the globe, one I hope doesn’t give any other countries governments with “free” citizens any ideas!


Here’s a little something I put in the throw away pile last week, but decided to work on it again today. Didn’t take a picture of it before I added to it, so here it is finished. Enjoy!


Happy Monday Everyone, hope the week is off to a good start!



Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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