Thoughts for Thursday V2

Thoughts for Thursday!


That little piece of information took FOREVER to get here by good old snail mail. Finally though, I’m back up and up running. Welcome back!


A lot has been going on over the last few weeks, most of it personal, some of it job related, and plenty of stories that I just really don’t feel like getting into. At least, not today.


I will say that if gangs of 6 or 7 immigrants with swords are going to be a common occurrence on my almost nightly bike rides, well, that will certainly make them much more interesting...


Another fun thing that’s happened these last few weeks is I started a part time position at a place I really wanted to work. I’m fricking teaching people how to throw axes! XD


It’s actually pretty fucking amazing. We had a group of corporate types come in for a team building event, watching them throw, interacting with them, teaching them, seeing how much a lot of them suck, well, it was pretty hilarious! And amazingly fun, just another job I have that doesn’t even feel like work, I love it!


As for artwork and my books that I’ve had in the works for some time, well, I’m working on them. Some commissions, that I’m working, and few of my own pieces. Honestly though, a lot more time is going into writing, currently, at least.


Brainstorming, jot notes, ideas... All of it. Chapters upon chapters of nonsense I’m sure, with a few nuggets worth keeping here and there. It is a strenuous, and tedious process. And it just takes everything out of me... It’s what I need to focus on right now though.


I want to stop people from being consumed by hate like I was. I want people to realize that you can break free and not focus on the bad, let things go and move on with your life. And if you don’t... It will kill you, slowly, on the inside.


I know this probably sounds ridiculous, and a little self righteous. I simply think that there is a problem in our world with commitment to one another. I think there is a problem in the way we show each other, trust, loyalty, and love. And I think going through the gauntlet with my parents, mostly my father, has given me a unique perspective on what has made so many, so angry, especially in today’s world.


I’m simply trying to find a way to express it in this book... To help someone, so they can save themselves the suffering, I and my family had to go through because of one mans selfish irresponsible behaviour.


I want people to understand how actions do cause a ripple effect that you can’t really even comprehend until it is far, far to late.


That’s where my focus is right now. Because... I was losing my will to create art. To keep going, to create new things, to challenge myself and try new things and techniques. It was, and still can be debilitating at times.


As much as I just want to get over everything, move on with my life, live the best life I can despite my father... The scars he left on my mind, are as real and long lasting as the scars he left on my leg.


More so, cause that fucking ass hole voice in my head. It was largely programmed by him... And I don’t know how to get rid of it. I’m fucking trying, and I hope what I have to say can help someone. Maybe even save a family from collapse...


Anyway, after a long hiatus. Which wasn’t planned, or at the time wanted... I think it truly all worked out for the best. I’m coming back better and more determined.


And of course, we can’t forget the artwork! :P Here’s a bigger piece I started the other day, I’m going to do bigger, more complex things for now. It was becoming stagnant. Enjoy the change, and I’ll see you all soon!


Welcome Back.


Sincerely, Bret Frick





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