Tumble Tuesday

Well, it’s been a really weird couple of weeks. You ever get the feeling like you’re just doing something wrong, entirely wrong? Have two experiences in the span of 6 months where you almost get crushed and I guarantee you, you will.


I wrote a while back about my close call with the front end of an 18 wheeler, and how that shook me up. Seems like once just wasn’t enough for good ole me!


This time the experience was entirely different, but much the same.


I was walking across the street downtown to get my hair cut. I came to a two way stop. Looked right, looked forward. Made eye contact with the drivers, made sure they saw me. All cars were stopped, I seemed to be clear. I started to cross.


Now, in my mind, in my memory I remember making eye contact with this bus driver. The fucking guy saw me. We looked at each other. But that didn’t stop him from nearly running me over. I was halfway through the street and this guy just starts fucking going, as if he never saw me.


I was about to take my next step which would have put me right in front of him, but luckily, I was able to react quickly enough and stumble backwards. Losing my footing and slipping on some beautiful snow ruts in the middle of the street, falling backwards and hitting my left side extremely hard.


I mean, I guess I was kind of lucky... I didn’t crack my head on anything. And I didn’t get squashed by that god damn moron in the bus. So....Yay!


I laid in the street for about ten seconds, pretty sure some of them thought I hit my head. Cause the guy in the truck across from me unrolled his window and shouted “Hey, you alright”... Not the bus driver, he was simply looking down at me, and as soon as I started to move, poof. Gone with the wind.


Some of the other people stopped and checked to make sure I was alright... I mean, nothing was broken, I wasn’t squashed, I was pretty bruised, and in a fair deal of pain. Limping along after that, hell my hip is still tender on the side I fell on but more than anything, I was shook up.


“Fuck, again... I just about got crushed again! What the FUCK! Is happening!” Of course that’s all being said in my head while I’m trying to limp away and tell these strangers “I’m fine.” Physically, that was and is mostly true. But mentally, holy what the hell!


I mean once, okay... Bit of bad luck, or good luck I guess depending on what way you want to look at it.. But, twice? What the goddamn fuck man!


It just... I don’t even know. Since then I’ve been questioning a lot of shit. I’ve been stuck in my head, thinking about a lot of shit...


That’s about all I really have to say today.


So, without further delay. Here’s some art to brighten up this post... Finished off this bad boy! Let me know what you think.


Have a great week everyone! Hard to believe we’re already two months into the new year. Hope you’re having a good one. Cause despite you trying to kill me, 2019, you’re still going to be my bitch! :P


See you soon everyone. Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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