Wakeful Wednesday

Wakeful Wednesday.


Sleep, it doesn’t come easy to all of us. And there is now research pointing to the possibility of people’s diverse sleep patterns as a being an actual evolutionary advantage.


A sleep study was published by, “The royal society of London B”. It focuses on the Hadza people of Tanzania, a tribe like people who still live the lifestyle of early human hunter gatherers. This was done so the researchers could gain a unique perspective on peoples sleep patterns outside of a lab.


Around 20 adults in the tribe were given fit bits so their sleep patterns could be monitored over a period of 20 days. Over those 20 days there was only 18 minutes where everyone in the tribe was asleep at the same time. And on any given night, an average of 8 people stayed up through it.


People who are night owls like this might have given our early human ancestors a survival advantage, according to the researchers, due to the fact that there would be a group of watchful eyes at all times, who would be looking out for predators. Not only from the animal kingdom, but from rival tribes.


Just a few of the most prominent and interesting facts I read in that study about sleep. Enjoy!


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