War wing Wednesday.

War wing Wednesday.


Drones are becoming a bigger problem for military’s all over the globe. World leaders are especially vulnerable to attacks from these devices, and one of those leaders has decided to go medieval with his approach to protecting himself and his headquarters from the metal monsters in the sky.


Vladimir Putin has employed a squadron of attack falcons to tackle any would be attack drones that come near his precious Kremlin.


Falcons have been used for some time Around the Kremlin to keep away crows, but now they’re also meant to tackle drones. And it’s a tough job for a bird that weighs 1.2- 1.4Kilos ( 3 pounds about) that’s it.


Given that fact the Kremlin is also developing a couple other anti drone devices. One is an electromagnetic gun with a range of more than a mile. The other is something that is being referred to as a “death ray”, which they claim is vastly superior to anything the west has developed.


It uses “ ‘directed energy’ to disable enemy radio and magnetic equipment on board enemy jets, drones and other aircraft.” they say it could be focused and used to decimate entire armies as well... So it’s quite a versatile death ray!.....


Death ray’s in any capacity seem like overkill to me... But hey! At least they are trying birds first!


This has to be one of the most hilariously ridiculous, and terrifying stories about modern war defenses I’ve ever read.


What a story..... Here’s a piece I added a few layers too today...Making progress. And another one I started and almost finished. Let me know what you think of them so far.


Happy Wednesday Everyone, Hope your week is going good thus far.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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