Watch where your walking! Wednesday

This week it was revealed that archeologists made a startling discovery on a Island on the B.C. coast called Calvert island. About a 100 kilometres north of Vancouver Island, in some clay underneath the sand the Archeologists discovered 29 well preserved human footprints. That date back to 13,000 years ago....Which makes them the oldest known evidence of human beings in north America.


Generally peoples footprints only last a moment in time, but these early humans stepped in wet clay that was able to harden and then was most likely covered in by sand immediately after, which preserved the footprints remarkably well for how old they are.


The researchers found a few pieces of ancient wood along side the footprints themselves and were able to date the pieces with radiocarbon analysis and determine that the prints were made between 13,300 and 13,000 years ago.


When the researchers first fount the prints they weren’t 100% certain they were humans, bears can make prints that look quite similar to human prints(apparently), but after some exhaustive investigation (whatever that entails) they determined that the prints were most assuredly, human.


They measured the prints and found, one man’s size 7 shoe, a woman’s size 3, and a juniors pair of shoes size 1.


The people that made these prints left behind a valuable piece of information about our past, even if it is just a few hardened clay footprints, it gives us a better idea of what humanity was up to 13,000 years ago... Without these footprints we wouldn’t know that people 13,000 years ago had already begun to use boats, because in order to get to these islands you need a boat.


So, remember to watch where your walking, you never know when you might be leaving behind invaluable evidence to our descendents! :P


Here’s a small piece I polished off today... Cause the bigger piece I was working on, I smudged some of the ink somehow... And I basically just tossed it aside in anger. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to cover up those smudges and make it work.. For now, this is what you get! :P


Happy Wednesday everyone, Sincerely Bret Frick.


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