Watery Wires Wednesday

Watery wires Wednesday


Once upon a time I was a sales guy for a water purification company, they had me going in to peoples homes to do a presentation to try and sell a water purification device, it was a tough sell, to say the least and most people weren’t interested. But there was a silver lining, some of those people I met had really interesting stories...


I read an article a few days back about Russian submarines hanging out around the internet cables that are submerged around the world. And it got me thinking about this guy that worked for an international cable company that I met back in the day, and what he said about these internet cables that were submerged around the world.


He told me he was one of the captains, that worked on one of these ships that went around the ocean looking for places to drop these cables all over the world. The maps he created were one of a kind. Not only because he and his crew were one of the only people to map what was going on on the bottom of the ocean, but because of what they found.


He told me they had found many, MANY sunken ships from many different eras. And for the most part when the cables were laid, they were laid fairly close to some of these wrecks, but none of the wrecks were ever excavated.


All of the ship wrecks were just left at the bottom of the ocean due to the cost of underwater excavation, but he assured me they had found some fairly old ships down there, and that they were more than likely holding something of great value.


Knowing this, It makes me happier to think that the Russians are just after some sunken treasure, than to think that they are wanting to cut off peoples ability to communicate.


The Russians are probably just after sunken pirate treasure! :P


Just a dumb little story from my past... I’m not feeling great today, so I didn’t have much energy to put into this post..... It is what it is.


Here’s a little something I started that will hopefully make up for the lack of substance here somewhat... I got a little something that’s really taking the energy out of me... Hopefully it passes soon.


Happy Wednesday Everyone, hopefully your day is going better than mine.


Sincerely, Bret Frick




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