We see you! Wednesday.

We see you! Wednesday.


Some people, mostly our own governments take spying on their enemies, and friends alike, to whole new levels. With the latest, and most interesting accusation of spying being thrown at America from Iran.


It’s not at all surprising that America would be spying on Iran, especially since they have a nuclear program that the U.S. is very interested in gathering intelligence on. And since Edward Snowden basically showed us we are all being spied on anyway, the fact that the U.S would use its spy system to against Iran as well, isn’t at all shocking really, to anyone. What is shocking is how they suggest America spied on them....


When you think about spying on someone you’d probably envision, people using camera’s and gathering the “evidence”, hacking their e-mails, follow government officials around and stealing their brief cases. Or any of the other million stereotypical ways people have been known to spy. But you probably wouldn’t think, “Spy Lizards.”


And yet... Somehow, that is exactly what the Iranians are accusing the Americans of using to spy on them. They are stating that America used, lizards and chameleons to spy on the nuclear facilities of Iran, because their skin can somehow attract atomic waves.


Yep, that’s a serious claim, made by Iran’s senior military advisor..... And I find it baffling, hilarious, and somewhat intriguing, all at the same time. Seriously, what an “accusation” to be thrown at you, good job MURICA! XD


Here’s five of my favourite small pieces I’ve made over the last little while. Looking to get prints made and looking through my old pieces. Got a favourite? Let me know.


Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you had a fantastic valentines day. Much Love! :)


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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