Weapons we need? Wednesday.

People keep making things that make me wonder what exactly the end goal of their creation is... For instance, about 6 months ago Sophia the robot was given citizenship by the Saudi Government, making her the very first “Artificial” intelligence to receive a citizenship anywhere in the world.


And this week, Russia released a video that makes me question how good of an idea that was... As if I wasn’t doing that already. :P


A day or so ago, Russia released a video of a robot (that isn’t yet autonomous, thank god) that they used to fight and kill around 11 jihadist’s.


Basically all this robot is a set of tracks, tank like tracks, only smaller. And a large gun with censors on top. That’s it. But this “simple” little set up was able to move around, effectively enough, to engage and kill 11 enemy soldiers.


This is deeply worrying. I mean, as long as a human operator is involved, like they were here, the potential terminator like scenario can be averted... But for how long?


And what is the exact BENEFIT of having robots that can kill us? Or be used as soldiers? Even if they are controlled by a human. Is the state any more responsible than a potentially deadly A.I. such as Sophia?


This might seem far fetched to some people, and that’s understandable. But this is a very real concern. Sophia was once asked a question by her human handlers, and let’s just say....The results weren’t really that positive!


Hanson jokingly asked "do you want to destroy humans?...Please say no".

And Sophia's response was not quite what Hanson had in mind, she said, "OK. I will destroy humans."

Not really what you want to hear from the first A.I given citizenship, is it? Considering now she is technically a “person” and can’t be shut off, or “killed”.

With the Russians playing around with little robotic mini tanks. And with A.I’s now being given citizenship’s, what could possibly go wrong with this?.... I mean, the Terminator universe always looked like a LOVELY place to live.... :P

Don’t you just LOVE how quickly technology is advancing. XD

Here’s some art to make this post a little less.... Apocalyptic. :P Happy Wednesday everyone, have a good rest of the week.

Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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