Weird Winter....Wednesday.

Weird winter...Wednesday.



This is for sure the most interesting winter I have ever experienced. It’s already the middle of December and instead of the ground being covered in snow like it normally is, it is fairly barren. Most of the snow that did fall has since melted away thanks to many days recently being above zero degrees.


These temperatures are extremely odd for this time of year, especially for were I live. It has many people FREAKED out about ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’! And depending on who you talk too we need to take action NOW!


I used to be much more on that side of the argument, that humans are to blame. That we must curb our impact on the environment and the only way to have that happen was with government intervention, surely most people just don’t understand or care about the problem... Extremely arrogant, I know.


After digging in too this issue a little bit further I realized that the people opposed to governmental intervention for environmental regulations had some solid points.


For instance, we don’t really fully understand the effect we have on the climate. According to Al gore’s “masterpiece” An inconvenient truth..Large segments of land should have been underwater by 2014...yet, they remain above water and none of the scare mongering Al Gore SWORE was going to happen, happened. So....What legitimacy do these ‘NEW’ climate studies have that the ones Al Gore was using didn’t?


It seems to me, we are being told a fairy tale about the environment. One that allows our governments to implement strict and harsh restrictions on businesses and individuals, that only harm the people.


I think if governments were serious about solving the global energy problem they would be considering nuclear and fusion power as legitimate alternatives....


But seeing as that doesn’t appear to be the case, I’m just going to continue to learn what I can about this issue and enjoy this extremely weird and warm December!


Here’s a few pieces I started today. Hope you like what they are thus far. We’ll see what happens with them!


Happy Wednesday Everyone, Sincerely,


Bret Frick.



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