Westward Wednesday

For a long time, a LONG time now, well over a year at the very least. I have wanted to head west and try and sell my artwork out in British Columbia, and surrounding area. It’s a much more “artistic” area of the country, shall we say... And much more populated. Meaning there are more markets available to small art business owners such as myself.


Originally the plan was to get a truck and trailer and head west. Establish myself and my brand and eventually get a home base, earning enough from my art and my writing is going to be a challenge to say the least... But it was, and still is, a challenge I am looking forward to conquering.


For the past year, this plan has been put on the back burner, not only because of financial constraints, but also because of some personal things that needed to be dealt with before leaving. Most of these issues are cleared up now. And it’s FINALLY time to take the next step in making this dream of mine a reality.


I have been looking for a place to stay out west, for this summer at least, and possibly extend my stay indefinitely, depending on how things go.


But, no matter what, I’m heading west this summer, and I have a place to stay starting June 15th and I’m super excited! One of my oldest friends made the move out there just over a year and a half ago. And has invited me to stay with him and his room mates.


It’s not the way I envisioned heading west, or how I wanted to start establishing my business out west, but it’s a start! A real first step at making this dream of turning my artistic talent into a career, and make this dream of mine a reality.


I’m really looking forward to moving out west and trying my hand at selling my artwork in a much more open market, but also seeing one of my favourite parts of this country I live in, and catching up with one of my oldest friends, and getting to know his room mates. No matter what, summer 2018 is going to be a lot of fun! :)


As for my Kickstarter campaign, there’s still some verification sections that need to be “approved” and looked over. And since I have the time, I’m going to be going over things with a fine tooth comb and tweaking a few aspects of the campaign...


I’m hoping to have it all “approved” and ready to go by next Monday. But come hell or high water, by next Friday this campaign will be up and “approved”! So, stay tuned, much more to come from Fricktured art, I’m just getting started baby! :)


Here’s a piece I think I’m just about ready to take the tape border off of..... What do you think? Looking close to done!? Good god, I hope so... This piece has taken FOREVER....



I’m really excited about heading west, and honestly can’t wait to see what B.C. has in store for me this time. It’s been a really good week so far, aside from a few Kickstarter set backs. Hope yours is going good as well, Happy Wednesday everybody!



Sincerely, Bret Frick


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