Westward Wednesday 2.0

Since the last Westward Wednesday a few weeks back, quite a few things have changed... Essentially, the plan I had to head west is now entirely different.


Instead of heading West in June, and being in Kelowna for the 15th I won’t be going west until at least the middle of July. Which sucks, but it unfortunately has to be done... I simply can’t head west until I take care of a few things here.


Since I wasn’t going to be able to make it to Kelowna for the 15th of June, I have had to forfeit my place with my buddy, and that sucks big time. I was really looking forward to seeing how that living situation was going to pan out. Now other plans need to made.


There are quite a few places I would like to go over the summer, to try and market myself and my artwork and get my name out there, most of them in B.C. But now, with a month of the summer being lost, and with no home base to stay at... It’s going to be a little bit more difficult.


I’ve got a few ideas of how I’m going to go about this now, but nothing set in stone as of yet. Planning things out apparently means nothing anyway! :P


But, despite all of this, I’m optimistic that this trip will eventually all work out and something will fall into place.


It’s not all bad news this week, since I’m going to be here a little longer than I hoped. I’ve had another venue booked for the 1st of July. Another outdoor art market where I’m planning on getting my name and my artwork out there.


Just a small update on what my plans are now, since the old one has been thoroughly shot to hell. Hope things are working out better in your lives than they are in mine! :)


Here’s a few pieces I through into the “throw away” pile a while back. Because of some smudging that I simply wasn’t able to stop focusing on, or something along those lines, and that made me think the piece was ruined... Now I’m having second thoughts about that... What do you think about these ones? Let me know.


Happy Wednesday everyone, we’re half way there!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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