What are we? Wednesday.

What are we? Wednesday.


I’ve been reading a little bit lately, and one of the magazines I’ve been reading is a Special edition of National Geographic that is all about Science. Mostly the science of how different things and actions affect our bodies, also some of what we know about ourselves.. And, there is one paragraph that has been bothering me.... It says this.


“99% of the microbes in our own bodies ares still a total mystery to science. The vast majority of the myriad of microbes in our bloodstreams are from who-knows-where, Stanford university researchers say. They took blood from 188 people and DNA fragments that were “quite divergent on the evolutionary scale,” they say”


I mean.... I knew we were at a bit of a loss for how our bodies worked overall. Considering how many microbes make up each and every one of us... But the fact that “researchers” have literally no idea what 99% of these things do, seems....Problematic to me, to say the least.


I mean, should we really be prescribing prescription drugs to people. Most of which have lists of side effects that are longer, and often worse than the disease they are treating, if we don’t even know what makes up our body? How could we possibly know what the long term effects of some of these medications are if we don’t even know what makes up 99% of what we are?....


Seems ridiculous to me...But what do I know. I’m not a researcher from Stanford. :P


Here’s a little something I started today...Because, having a million projects on the go is good!....Somehow.


Happy Wednesday Everyone.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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