What the DARPA!? Wednesday.

What the DARPA?! Wednesday.


DARPA, My favorite shady government organization has created something extremely...FUN(Sinister). See, the one major hindrance facing robotic technology these days is battery capacity and active operational time available for field operations.


How did they address these issues? They created EATR(Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot)What is EATR? Well, it’s a robotic concept straight out of someones nightmare....


This robotic project was taken on by RTI (Robotic Technology Inc.) and Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. The goal? To develop a robot that could forage for plant, and other “Organic” biomass to fuel itself... animals or decomposing bodies on the battlefield for example. This robot could theoretically operate indefinitely... And doesn’t that just sound like a FANTASTIC idea.


When governments are starting to make robots that can literally EAT you! Maybe, just maybe we start having some public oversight into projects like this, so perhaps a conversation that went something like this could at least potentially happen.


DARPA representative: Umm, yes hello. Today I’d like to present our proposal for creating a military grade robot that can theoretically operate indefinitely on different forms of Biomass, such as plants and animals. For extended military operations so we can save our soldiers lives while achieving maximum efficiency on the battlefield.


Elected representative for the public: So, you want to make a robot that can operate forever, and that has the potential to eat people... For military operations?...And you don’t see ANYTHING wrong with this proposal, or the potential for this to get out of hand? What if, god forbid an A.I. was somehow able to hack these robots one day and took control of DRAPA’s robot fleet? How would you contain that?


You know what, I’m going to tell you to go out, buy and watch Terminator 2 Judgement day and then have you get back to me... Cause this sounds like a terrible, absolutely TERRIBLE proposal and I’ve heard one sentence of it....


You know...That’s at least how I’d hope it would go, cause building robots that eat “biomass” sounds like such a horribly terrifying idea I’m not sure how or why anyone would start building such a thing ever... But hey, we live in a world with an organization like DARPA, and doesn’t it just sound like they are building the best damn robots that could “POTENTIALLY” only potentially, of course. Eat people.


Oh... What a wonderful world.... XD


Happy Wednesday everyone, the future is looking REALLY bright, isn’t it? :P



Here’s a few small pieces I did recently... Used the Prisma color markers and small pieces bristol paper to make these, let me know what one’s your favourite.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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